Here are a few frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Q.) What are your hours?

A.) We are open Tuesday-Saturday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm. We are also available on Monday by appointment only (this is a great time for field trips, homeschool groups, or group homes to use the facility).

Q.) Is this facility for special needs children only?

A.) Our facility is PERFECT for all children, with or without special needs

Q.) What ages can participate?

A.) Neurotypical children typically age out of the facility by twelve or thirteen. We do not put an age cap on participants with special needs. If the participant in question is over 13, please contact us and we will set up a Monday appointment to use the facility. Children do not need to be walking to attend - we have an infant soft play area for our little ones.

Q.) What do we need to bring?

A.) Each participant AND adult/guardian will need a pair of socks AND a signed liability waiver to enter the playspace.

Q.) Is food and drink allowed during open play?

A.) Food and drinks are not allowed in the playspace or on any of the structures or equipment. Parents and Guardians can keep beverages and/or medically necessary nourishments (such as glucose foods) in the sitting area. No open beverage containers are allowed.

Q.) Is food and drink allowed during a private party/special event?

A.) Food and drinks are allowed during a private party/special event. In conjunction with the open play rules,  food and drinks are not allowed in the playspace or on any of the structures or equipment.

Q.) Do you offer any drop off services?

A.) At this time, we do not offer drop-off services.  

Q.) How much for Open Play?

A.) We have two prices for open-play: $6 all-day pass for ages 12 months and up. Children under 12 months are FREE

Q.) Does an All-Day Pass include re-entry?

A.) An All-Day Pass does not include re-entry.

Q.) What are the perks of having a monthly membership?

A.) A monthly membership is a flat rate for unlimited monthly day passes. This is a huge savings as it is tiered for families with multiple children.

Q.) How are the monthly memberships billed?

A.) You can start a monthly membership at any time during the month and the payment is made up front. For example, a membership started on July 10th will be valid through August 10th. We do not auto-draft membership fees so each monthly membership will need to be renewed in person.

Q.) Do you offer group rates?

A.) Yes, we offer group rates. Like with any special event or birthday party, group rates include private access to the facility for two hours. Additional time will require a specific quote.

Q.) What about birthday parties and special events?

A.) We offer private parties on Friday afternoons and Saturday. All party/special event information can be found under the Special Events/Group Rates tab on our homepage. Please contact us ahead of time to ensure that we have availability on your requested day. A non-refundable deposit of $40 is required to reserve all special events and birthday parties.